Central Library

NRCM has a central library with over 29699 volumes of Text/ Reference/ Hand Books. Library subscribes more than 97 National Journals and have also large number of e-resources in the form of DVDs and CDs apart from Reports/ Theses/ Dissertations. The Library operations are fully automated. Library also provides suitable reprographic facilities to students and teachers. A well-equipped Library is an icon of quality education in its supreme form. As a New Age library, it provides unlimited access to information in many formats and from many sources. To students at NRCM, it offers a perfect platform for research, innovation and development and a tranquil ambience to explore the world of books. To begin with, the Central Library is in sync with the latest in technology, offering a balanced combination of print and digital collections. The online databases like IEEE, ASME, ASCE, J-Gate Ebcosohost, Knimbus and membership of digital consortia DELNET and other professional bodies have opened up a wealth of opportunities for scholars and students alike.

Central Library

The Library is Wi-Fi and RFID enabled (a technology facilitating self-service of books in areas like the issue of books, return, renewal, reissue, reservation and security management), offering the latest state-of-the art technological applications including e-books, audio-books, e-journals, ipads to maximize the use and ease of library resources. Students at the Library can delve into a whole range of text books, reference books and general reading material for enriching his mind and intellect. 

The Central Library is the heart of the campus. Kindles have recently been added to the existing collection of e-books and plans are on to introduce android application for students to check their account status online. With dedicated sections like Discussion Rooms, Audio Visual Rooms, Digital Library and a separate enclosure for Research and Reference, the Central Library is slowly but surely inculcating a reading habit among the young and restless.

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Working Hours  Name of E-Journals  Current budget Rs: Total Area in Sqm Library Software Reprographic Facility   Multimedia pc's Seating capacity
9am to 6pm DELNET & J-GATE  12 Lakhs 600.Sqm  New Zen Lib Yes 20No's 150+ Members


S. No. Program  Branch No. of Titles  No. of Volumes Indian & International Journals   E-Journals Others
1 UG  CSE 786 7088 6 DELNET 


2 UG ECE 723 5977 6
3 UG  ME 412 3391 6
4 UG EEE 364 2580 6
5 UG CIVIL 216 1727 6
6 UG H&S 293 2873 6
7 UG CSE-AI &ML 110 1033 6
8 UG CSE-CS 105 1011 6
9 UG CSE-DS 103 1009 6
10 PG MBA 527 5097 12

As on date information

Area of the library  600.3Sp.M
Seating capacity of the library 200
Reprographic facility (yes / No) YES
Working hours of library 8.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M
Library Networking facility (yes / No) YES
Usage data of the library (in terms of books issued to the faculty & students etc.) 250-280
Annual library budget 12 LAKHS
Number of volumes 29699
Number of titles 3323
Number of Technical Journals (National & International) 97