About CSE 

The field of Computer Science and Engineering has been renowned for cutting edge research pushing the envelope of almost all other disciplines which use computing as a fundamental means of inquiry and tool for discovery. Computer science and engineering offers lucrative, intellectually challenging, and rapidly growing career opportunities. The field plays a predominantly multi-disciplinary role; be it in intelligent game playing, mobile applications, smart robots, cloud computing, data security, social networks, or bioinformatics.

Primarily, the department focuses on: Computer Hardware Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for electronic circuits, digital systems, computer architecture and integrated circuits, and Computer Software Design: including an understanding of design methodologies for programming, algorithms and data structures, operating systems, large-scale software development, and the principles of computing and a wide variety of software applications across various computer languages.

Realizing the shortcomings of traditional teaching methodologies, the department has evolved a Teaching-Learning process, the efficacy of which is reflected in the excellent results being achieved every year.

In pursuit of enhancing the technical skills of the students, the department regularly organizes co-curricular events such as; seminars, workshops, Technical Symposia, guest lecturers, etc. The department keeps the teachers abreast of the latest technical developments and advanced teaching methodologies by organizing Faculty Development Programmes.

The department has spacious classrooms, air-conditioned seminar hall, and well-equipped laboratories. The department has dedicated fully air-conditioned computer labs with 600 systems in a network. The department offers free high-speed Internet facility through 10 Mbps wireless RF connectivity. The department library provides useful resources to students with books on 262 titles and 412 volumes, 2 International Journals, 3 National Journals, 12 Magazines, 50 CD's, 20 Lab Manuals, Question banks and Project Reports.

The Computer Science & Engineering department has set up advanced laboratory facilities and the students are trained in these laboratories regularly by allotting suitable time slots in the regular time table. Students have access to high speed broad band internet connection and a well-equipped department library. The main library and department library has on- line access to IEEE Journals and magazines. Students are encouraged to participate in national level conferences & present papers.

Computer Science Technical Association (NRCMCSA), a student body of CSE Department, organizes co-curricular and extra- curricular activities for the all-round development of students. Student Chapters of IEEE, CSI and ISTE conduct events round the year, keeping students busy with beyond-the-classroom activities.

We, at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, look forward to working with you to make your engagement with our department a successful and pleasant experience.

Goals of the Department:

♠ To improve teaching learning process to achieve academic excellence.

♠ To achieve 80% pass percentage.

♠ To see that 60% of our students are placed in enviable positions.

♠ To encourage faculty to update their knowledge by attending seminars/workshops.

♠ To train students to develop themselves as per industry requirements.

♠ To improve research activities among staff and students.