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Why Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning? 
Why Now?

This new epoch will be driven by the realization that the value of AI is less about artificial intelligence that replaces human experience and more about augmenting human intelligence, freeing humans to focus on higher-order challenges and helping us make better decisions faster. This human-AI partnership will unleash creativity and innovation not possible by humans or machines alone. This is why studies suggest that AI will create more jobs than it eliminates, and organizations of all kinds will benefit from these new human-machine partnerships.

AI is all about acting in a similar way, using algorithms as to what humans would do, but in a much more controlled, efficient and faster manner. It also refers to information derived by applying a set of algorithms with little or no human intervention.

AI and ML are important drivers of digital transformation and have created plenty of job opportunities. There is a huge demand for skilled engineers trained in these technologies. A Degree in this program is valuable and makes the student industry relevant.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new and upcoming program in the area of computer science that is rapidly expanding its boundaries to variety of fields like healthcare, security, entertainment, education, autonomous transportation, intelligent robots, space exploration, speech processing, stock trading and many more.

AI tries to bring in intelligence into machines artificially by mimicking the human intelligence. Machine learning (ML) is an application of AI that tries to build self-learning ability into the machines.

A wide variety of machine learning applications use GPUs, including deep learning, image recognition, autonomous cars, real-time voice translation and more.



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