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Civil - Workshops/Conference (STUDENTS)  
A one week workshop is schedule on the total station in the month of December.
S.No.  Title


1. Guest Lecture on "STAAD-PRO & TOTAL STATION" by M. Sathish, Flash Infra-Tech

7th August, 2015

2. A Special lecture on “Importance of Structural Design to Civil Engineers” by Md.Imran, Civil Tech Academy. Hyd

22nd August, 2015

One week workshop on STAAD-PRO & TOTAL STATION by M.Sathish , Flash Infra-Tech., Hyd is scheduled in the month of December 2015.
Faculty Publications

1. N. Venkat Rao, M. Rajasekhar, K. Vijayalakshmi, M. Vamshykrishna,“The Future of Civil Engineering with the Influence and Impact of Nanotechnology on Properties of Materials ”,elsevier procedia material science 10(2015)111-115. 

2. M. Rajasekhar, N. Venkat Rao, Dr.G.Chinna Rao, G. Priyadarshini “Energy Generation from Municipal Solid Waste by Innovative Technologies , elsevier procedia material science (2015).

3. N. Venkat Rao, M. Rajasekhar, Mohd Mujeebuddin ahmed,” An experimental study on durability of high strength self compacting concrete (HSSCC),”International journal of research in engineering & Technology, eISSN-2319-1163 , PISSN-2321-7308 - (2015).

4. Mohd Mujeebuddin AhmedȦ, N. Venkat RaoȦ, Mohd Abdul BaseerȦ, M. RajasekharȦ, "A Study of Investigation on Increased Stiffness of Diaphragm in High Rise Building under Seismic Load- Inpressco ,” International journal of engineering and technology , E-ISSN-2277-4106 , P-ISSN-2347-5161.-(2014)

5. N. Venkat Rao, M. Rajasekhar, Dr. T. Muralidhara Rao, “High Volume Fly Ash , “ International journal of civil engineering & application , ISSN:2249-426X , volume 3 , Number 7 (2013).

6. M. Rajasekhar, N. Venkat Rao, Dr. T. Muralidhara Rao,” Performance Evaluation And Efficiency Assessment Of A Waste Water Treatment Plant – A Case Study,” International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) , ISSN: 2278-0181 ,Vol. 2 Issue 6, June – 2013.

7. N. Venkat Rao, M. Rajasekhar,”Advances in civil engineering,”-National conference held in Hyderabad on 6 – 7 February 2014. PP 210-213; ISBN 978-93-82570-19-6.

8. N. Venkat Rao,” The role of Nano technology in future ,”-national conference held at vardhaman college of engineering sponsored by BRNS,BARC & DRDO on 4-6 september 2009.

9. N. Venkat Rao, M. Rajasekhar,” Detrimental effect of air pollution ,corrosion on building materials and historical structures,”-american journal of engineering research, ISSN;2320-0847,VOLUME3, ISSUE 3,PP 205-211. 

10. N. Venkat Rao,” carrer Development,” Indian economic panorama, volume 21, issue 2, ISSN 55727-91-(2011).

11. N .Venkat Rao,” workers’ participation in management” Indian economic panorama, volume 21, issue 4,(SPECIAL ISSUE) ISSN 55727-21.

12. N. Venkat Rao,” corporate governance –government a spectator or custodian” Indian economic panorama”, volume 21, issue 3,ISSN 55727-91.

13. N. Venkat Rao , M. Rajasekhar, Dr. P. Chinna Rao,” Detrimental effect of air pollution,corrosion on building materials and historical structures”-one india- one people international journal( complete paper has been citated)-August (2015).

14. N. Venkat Rao A text book on “consumer behavior” ISBN 978-93-80831-01-5, first edition 2011



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